Kanye West was in the throes of an epic Twitter frenzy when he claimed that he owned Wiz Khalifa's son back in January. A week later, Kanye reported via Twitter that he and Wiz had resolved the short-lived beef with a productive conversation the next week  "Me and Wiz spoke yesterday," he wrote. "Great convo. All positive."

Wiz, who for the most part has kept mum on the subject, spoke on the aforementioned conversation in a new profile with GQ. “It’s done and over with, so it don’t even matter," he said. “I know specifically probably somebody told you not to have this conversation with me, but because you’re in a room with me by myself, you think you can have this conversation with me.”

Wiz told GQ that Kanye apologized and that the conversation was short and sweet. "I keep shit brief. But for him, it’s no animosity, so it ain’t even no thing.”

Basically Wiz didn't seem to have the conversation in the first place, but it happened, it went well, and they're cool now. 

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