Wiz Khalifa made the early morning appearance on The Breakfast Club's show on Power 105 in New York, a day after his album, O.N.I.F.C. dropped.

Talking to the trio on the radio show, Wiz promoted his album, and talked on his mis-steps with his last album, Rolling Papers. As well, he discussed his impending fatherhood and the failed video shoot with Chief Keef and 50 Cent for "Hate Bein Sober." Turns out, this isn't the only video shoot Wiz was cut short on-- his own video for "Remember You" featuring limelight-shy The Weeknd also had some difficulties when The Weeknd didn't show up.

Wiz says O.N.I.F.C. sounds more like his Kush & OJ days, simply because he was more involved and outspoken with the label this time. "It was really for me, just being involved in the whole process of putting it out. When I do my mixtapes, it's just me, so that's why you kinda get the effect from the mixtapes that you get. And when I did my first album I didn't feel like I had as much input as I wanted to on there, and I needed to step up and take that responsibility and do that."

Wiz commented on Chief Keef's lack of appearance, agreeing that it would have been nice for Keef to show up, but there's no love lost. "Well I had show that night, and 50 was there handling some business as well. And we both kinda came out to hook homie up...it was cool, I don't got no hard feelings towards him or nothing like that, but I did my part. It woulda been cool to chop it up with him, 'cause we did do the song."

Wiz then touched on why The Weeknd didn't make it to his video shoot, "Nah, I think with The Weeknd his album was coming out around the time I was shooting my video, and they were tryna be really careful where they put him and which looks, and they didn't know when I was dropping my video...they run their camp a little differently over there, but that's my homie, I respect that." He added, "They didn't want it to clash, they were being real."

Conversation soon turned to Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa's soon-to-be wife and mother of his child. He confirmed the two were having a son, and said the wedding will take place after he's born. "Before we have the baby, so the baby is born while we're married, and we'll do the wedding afterwards so she can have like a nice dress, and she can get drunk and we can have a party." 

Check out Wiz' full interview with The Breakfast Club below. You can cop O.N.I.F.C. on iTunes.

Wiz also hit up BET's 106 & Park while he was doing the rounds, check out that interview below, where he also breaks down lyrics for "Inside The Rapper's Studio."