Wiz Khalifa has always been an advocate for Mary, but that doesn't mean he can't also support the Molly movement. Although Wiz says that at first he wasn't all-for Molly, now he's seen there's money in it and he doesn't mind hopping on a track about the trendy drug. However, you'll probably never see a solo Molly record from the weed rapper. 

While talking to Hardknock TV, Wiz Khalifa detailed his views on Molly, and as well revealed he has more than just music in the pipeline with 50 Cent-- they're going to film a movie together. Wiz references his movie with Snoop when discussing how the movie with Fif came about, however it's not clear if the movie will be another comedy.

On linking up with Fif, Wiz explained it happened initially at the failed Chief Keef video shoot. "Yeah, well we had talked we shot the video, the Chief Keef video. And I just respected 50 from a business standpoint as well as music, and that's when we were just talking about how to expand and build on what we both have going on." Wiz continued, "We made a song together, and I was like, 'let's do a movie.' And that's basically how me and Snoop did our situation, we chilled and was like, 'let's do a movie.' So I was like 'let's do a movie,' and he's like, 'yeah, let's do a movie, I'ma get this person involved, I'ma get that person involved.' So just through time I think we'll put it together and make it work, but it's something I'm definitely taking serious as a project this year."

Soon Wiz was asked about the Molly trend, and he has no qualms about it."You know what, I think it's passed the people who are actually using that, it's just money now. And I would be crazy not to tap into that, I want some of that money too. And it's kids, they're partying and they're having fun. So I'm not gunna tell you what not to do, I've never been that dude," Wiz said, "When I seen that it was kinda growing and becoming more and more popular, at first I was one of the people that was like, 'ah you gotta chill with the Molly,' I said that, but the more popular it grew, it got bigger than me and my influence, so it's like you can either get with it or get lost, and I did not wanna get lost. So I just brought the Mary aspect to it. I never talk about popping Mollys, but I'll say some slang that people that use Molly they fuck with it, and I'll say what I do, do."

Check out the full interview below, where Wiz also discusses his friendship with Kevin Durant, wanting to work with Dr. Dre and more.