Celebrity break-ups can often be messy but Wiz and Amber Rose are constantly spotted doing activities together with their 8-year-old son on the 'Gram. The couple divorced a few years ago but clearly, they're happily co-parenting Bash. Rumors began swirling on the Internet about what ended up causing their split and Peter Rosenberg seemingly exasperated the situation when he revealed personal details about a private affair.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images 

This morning, Wiz joined Ebro In The Morning where Rosenberg offered a public apology to Wiz. He explained that, at the time, he felt like he was being a solid friend, especially since he has a tight-knit relationship with Rose. He admitted that he overstepped the boundaries and "did not handle that right," which gave Wiz a good chuckle. "I could've been a supportive friend and not be a dickhead to you," said Rosenberg. 

"I appreciate the apology, man. At the time, that was very, very one-sided and it was fucked up, bro," he said. "For me, I'm your homie, you know what I'm sayin'? If it's an issue like that, we talk. You got on the radio and told one side of a story as soon as it happened... You have a platform and that does stuff to other people with platforms, as well. I usually don’t take stuff like that personally, but that was very personal. And, I’mma man and I’m able to get over it too because we’re all in great spaced right now."

Ultimately, it's water under the bridge for the rapper and radio personality. "I feel like we’re able to move past that and never touch on it ever again," Wiz said.