Yesterday, things got dramatic when Khloe Kardashian decided to call Amber Rose out on her comments regarding Tyga and Kylie Jenner's relationship. Amber criticized Tyga for leaving his wife and child, and dating a 17-year-old, which made Khloe decided to hop on Twitter and defend her half-sister, Kylie. From there things only got crazier, with insults being thrown back and forth. However, one detail that went a little more under-the-radar was Amber's ex, Wiz Khalifa, deciding to follow Khloe amongst the chaos.

Tension has been high between Wiz and Amber since they decided to call it quits last year, and their son, Sebastian (or Bash), has often been at the center of it. A new report from TMZ now claims that Wiz is currently building a case against Amber in order to get more time with his boy. The tip lists a few key points that Khalifa will be using to argue that Amber is not a responsible parent.

The document obtained by TMZ claims that Amber often "stays out all night", has a "volatile" relationship with her mother, and (for real) owns a dog that eats its feces and subsequently licks the kid's face.

Whether or not there's any truth to the claims is up to a judge to decide, if it makes it's way to court. We'll keep you updated on when legal docs are filed.