Over the course of his career Wiz Khalifa has had a lot of iconic songs. His hits have gotten radio play for days and he's positioned himself as one of the strongest characters in rap. Through his work on features for pop artists and his appearances on huge film soundtracks, Wiz received a tremendous amount of outside exposure, boosting his clout (and bank account) even more. While his diehard fans would argue that some of his deeper cuts are among the top of his catalog, the most popular songs are what has brought Wiz to the level he's at today. Without "Black & Yellow" or "See You Again," many people wouldn't be looking out for Rolling Papers II this Friday. Possibly anticipating more magic on his upcoming album, Khalifa sat down with GQ to detail the background of some of his biggest songs.

Starting off with 2006's "Pittsburgh Sound," Wiz runs through his biggest hits, describing what went through his mind while making each one. Hitting "This Plane," "We're Done," "Black & Yellow," "See You Again," "Pay Phone," "Young, Wild & Free," "We Dem Boyz," and "Something New," the rapper went through a good chunk of his most successful hits. Some of them, he was excited to hop in the studio for and others, like his Snoop Dogg collab in "Young, Wild & Free," he thought were a little corny. Regardless, he sucked it up and came out with some of the most iconic songs of the last decade.

Rolling Papers II drops in a few days and there will likely be at least a few songs we can add to this list later on.