Wiz Khalifa has shared two recent bangers, "King of Everything" and "Most of Us," the latter of which he dropped yesterday (Oct. 17). In May, Wiz announced that his next album would be called Rolling Papers 2, the sequel to Rolling Papers, released in 2011. It's unclear if either of the aforementioned songs will land on the album, though Wiz just shared a preview of a bumping track that will -- a collaboration with TM88 of 808 Mafia. 

By the sound of the Instagram clip, the song could be the title track. "And I ain't smokin' blunts / I be rolling papers, rollin' papers, papers / 'Cuz I'm a Taylor, I'm a Taylor," Wiz raps to the camera while smoking a fattie. He tagged TM88 in the caption, but you can also hear TM's signature "Kill Bill siren" on the beat. The production is also laced with a repeating sample of the hook from the Three 6 Mafia stoner classic "Where is da Bud."

So far, we know Rolling Papers 2 will contain Wiz' collabs with Rae Sremmurd, "Burn Slow," Snoop Dogg, "No Social Media," and a yet-to-be released one with The Weeknd that we can't wait to hear. The album will obviously be weed-focused, but it should bang extra hard. Y'all excited to hear this track with TM88

Stay tuned for the release date.