Wiz Khalifa just shocked the world by revealing that the rapper famous for always keeping one rolled, would be delivering his and Amber Rose's first child, which would be an un-medicated home-birth. Wiz has now sat down for an interview talking about his plans for fatherhood, his newfound skateboarding hobby, and his passtime of doing impressions of other rappers.

Khalifa has been conducting important research to prepare for his impending fatherhood, including when the right time to break out the weed in front of his child might be. Wiz recounted some advice from a friend, "He told me, don't let him see this, don't let him see that", he said. "After a while whatever you wanna do is what you wanna do, and that made sense to me." 

He maintains that he'll have to balance his life in order to care for his child, and doesn't want to be an absent father. "I feel like when you start off on the right foot, it becomes a routine." said Wiz, talking about how distancing yourself from your child leads to a "downward spiral".

The Pittsburgh emcee also talked a bit about his new skateboarding hobby, saying it's just a means for him to chill out. "I don't want to be the best skater in the world I just want to be able to relax and cruise." he said. "I'm in that stage where I want to do something physical", though he's recently suffered some injuries from the new passtime, saying "if you're not willing to take the risk then there's no point in doing it anyway."

Khalifa also talked of his love of doing impressions of other rappers. He recently did an impression of Birdman on a radio show, but says he's got a few more up his sleeve. “I do a lot of impressions”, he said, “I freestyle everybody. I can freestyle like Gucci, I can freestyle like Jeezy, I can freestyle like Jim Jones, I Can freestyle like Rick Ross”. On whether these impressions would ever be made public, Wiz revealed “I think i'm gonna put an impression video together”.

Wiz is also not opposed to people impersonating him. “I like to see people's impressions of me”, saying “I heard MGK's Homie does a really good impression of me”. On Kendrick's famous impression of the Taylor Gang rapper, Wiz seemed amused, but also plans on getting him back for it, saying “That was a good one, Imma get him”.

View the full interview below.