Young Thug has a ton of unreleased material, and it seems much of it happens to be in Gucci Mane's possession. Thus, Gucci and his team have been releasing music from Thug's Brick Factory sessions as mixtapes over the last little while. The latest of those releases was 1017 Thug 2, which-- by title alone --seems like it would be the proper sequel to Thug's last full length solo release, 1017 Thug. Instead, it's simply a stitched together compilation of old recordings, and the cover has been similarly Frankensteined-- using Thug's head, and Wiz Khalifa's body.

That's right, a close look at the cover reveals that the image of Thug is simple photoshop job, which the internet picked up quickly. Wiz Khalifa also got word of the artwork, and like most who saw it-- found it hilarious.

“Yeah, that was funny as hell,” Wiz told VladTV. “I know he probably ain’t have nothing to do with that. Somebody probably released some old music of his and didn’t have any pictures, so they just like put some crazy shit together. I thought it was tight though. It’s like—That goes down in history…"

Khalifa later addressed the misconception that it was Thug's camp who chose the awkward cover. "It’s still probably not officially him releasing it though," he said. "I mean, us young niggas man, we record in niggas’ studios for like two, three weeks. And we leave some songs in there and that shit turn into a mixtape.”

Read Wiz's initial tweets about the cover here.