Wiz Khalifa thinks he has just the medicine to cure Kanye West's recent mental ailments. "He need to smoke some weed," Wiz told TMZ outside of the Catch nightclub in L.A. last night. "Some some KK, make your day day all better," he rhymed laughingly. He then promised to send some of his personal "Khalifa Kush" cannabis to Kanye in the "mental institution." 

Kanye is currently not in a mental institution but in the UCLA Medical Center, where he has been for eight days (Nov. 21). He is being treated for an exhaustion-induced state of psychosis that had ensued in the week prior to his hospitalization, resulting in a few controversial rants during his "Saint Pablo" concerts. Before he was taken into medical custody against his will, the remaining 21 dates on the tour were cancelled. 

His release from the hospital had been planned for yesterday (Nov. 28), though it was reported that he was not yet in stable enough condition to leave. 

Wiz' joke about sending KK to the "mental institution" may be evidence that he still harbors tension toward Kanye, with whom he engaged in a highly publicized Twitter feud earlier this year. Funnily enough, the beef began when Kanye mistook one of Wiz' tweets about "KK" to involve his wife, Kim Kardashian