If Wiz Khalifa didn't already seem like the coolest dad ever, he definitely does now. In a new interview with PEOPLE, Wiz has announced his new clothing line, BASH, inspired by his 3-year-old son, Sebastian. 

The name comes from Wiz's nickname for Sebastian, and everything about the clothing is a reflection of the child's tastes -- which apparently aren't too far off from his dad's. It will be available for both kids and adults.

"I shop with him a lot, and we match often," says the rapper. "He’s definitely got my sense of style. Everybody tells me how fresh he usually looks, from store-bought stuff, so we’re making his own stuff now."

The designs range from smiling faces with gold teeth to pumpkins socks, the latter of which meant to satisfy Sebastian's love of Halloween and "spooky" things. "I just really wanted it to feel personal to him, so when he sees it, he gets excited," says Wiz.
"He's 3 years old, so he might not understand the concept of having his own clothing line. But the fact that all of his favorite things are all over his clothes, it makes him feel special; it makes him entertained by what he's wearing."

The clothes will be relatively affordable, ranging from $35 to $50 for kid's items and $45 to $80 for adults. However, if you're looking for matching bomber jackets, they're going to run you $150-250. 

All this will be available for purchase October 15 at JunkFoodClothing.com.