When it comes to the top stoners in the rap game, you have to rank Wiz Khalifa in your Top 5. If he's not at the top of your list, there's something wrong. Alongside artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz has carved a lane for himself as a stoner rapper, often talking about his love of weed. You can usually catch him with a blunt in his hand before, during, and after performances. When you're around him, you must be prepared to smoke some of the strongest weed you've ever encountered. Seriously, Kyle made, like, an entire movie about something that went down after smoking Khalifa Kush. Shiggy may be hanging out with Drake these days but he's no longer welcome around Wiz after he proved that he can't handle his weed.

The Taylor Gang rapper posted a video on his Instagram account that shows Shiggy lighting up with the rest of his crew backstage. Obviously, the entertainer isn't a veteran weed smoker as he started coughing up a lung, trying to play it cool as Wiz laughed about it. He turned serious in an instant, putting a hand on Shiggy's shoulder and saying, "Nah for real, you gotta go." The dancer tries to argue but it was no big deal for Wiz' team of security as they escorted him out. 

I guess Shiggy can't hang with the pros... In all seriousness, the two were just playing around. Shiggy probably went right back in once they finished the skit.