Wiz Khalifa has enjoyed an impressive career as one of hip-hop's most beloved "stoner" type characters. Yet, in breaking from the traditional marijuana-associated stereotypes, Wiz has proven dedicated to unleashing his aggression through the art of combat. Of course, marijuana smokers come in all shapes and sizes, though Wiz has likely abstained from "munchies" for a minute. In any case, his evolution as a fighter has been fascinating to behold, and one has to wonder if his trajectory will eventually elevate from a dedicated hobbyist.

In case you needed a reminder that Wiz has indeed been putting in work, the Rolling Papers rapper took to Instagram to showcase his training regiment. In the accompanying caption, the generally docile Khalifa threatens to dole out "THESE HANDS" with wanton savagery. The impressive and imposing display puts him firmly at the top of most experienced hip-hop combattant, and likely the next poster-child for any potential "Def Jam Fight For ____" revival that comes our way.