Wiz Khalifa teased his followers with a new chain on Instagram, Tuesday night. The Taylor Gang front man captioned the photo, "Guess who that's for." The post has led fans to speculate that Wiz is trying to sign Lil Uzi Vert again. The jewel features a "rockstar" guitar, a spray paint canister and the words Taylor Gang encrusted on a multicolored fence.

The trap star emcee was rumored to have signed with Taylor Gang in December. At “A Very Uzi Christmas” concert in Philly, after a performing "Pull Up" together, Wiz put a gold chain around Lil Uzi's neck, announcing to the world that he was now a member of T.G.O.D.

Except he wasn't. Some days later, DJ Drama and Don Cannon tweeted that Uzi was still signed to their label Generation Now. Uzi is also signed to Atlantic Records, the same label that T.G.O.D signed their distribution deal with back in October of last year. Perhaps a deal is in play?

If the chain is in fact for the Philly rapper, it wouldn't be the first time he receives jewels from one of his peers. Young Thug gave him his YSL chain to congratulate him on his budding success.