Wiz Khalifa Feat. Ty Dolla $ign "Something New" Video

Matt F
August 14, 2017 10:28

Check out Wiz Khalifa's new video for his track "Something New."

Wiz Khalifa is bringing the celebrity cameo heat in the new set of visuals he's cooked up for his track "Something New," which features a Ty Dolla $ign assist. Released this past Friday (August 10th), the smooth vibes on the record are translated seamlessly to the music video, with he and Ty presiding over a hot house party in the glowing summer sun.

With appearances by Demi Lovato (whose winking game is on point at the beginning of the video), Jaime Foxx, Lil Dicky, G-Eazy and more, part of the fun that comes with watching the new visuals is playing "Spot The Celebrity." In addition to that, all the normal trappings that you would expect from a Wiz music video are present and accounted for: women show up in droves, many of them dressed in their poolside finest, some really cool cars dot the location on which the party was had and, of course, Wiz's herbal supplement of choice is on hand.

There's a plot point which remains unexplained, or perhaps unexplainable, that takes place towards the end of the video. Two or three women make off with a bunch of cash while Wiz is being distracted by another invitee who's clearly acting as a decoy. The realism is a little on the low side - I mean, I'm sure Wiz owns a safe at least. Also, what happens when/if he finds out the money is missing? It's a question that is without an answer...

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