Tekashi 6ix9ine is undoubtedly a polarizing figure in the public eye for various reasons but he's still managed to leave a pretty good impression on several prominent rappers. Last week, Wiz Khalifa shared a picture of him and 6ix9ine hanging out in Europe on Instagram. Unfortunately, plenty of his fans attacked 6ix9ine and wondered why Wiz was hanging out with him. Ultimately, Wiz Khalifa came to the "GUMMO" rappers defense. In a recent interview, Wiz explained why he felt the need to do it, even if they only knew each other for a short period of time.


Wiz Khalifa sat down with 16BARS.TV and spoke on the picture of him and 6ix9ine. He revealed that 6ix9ine randomly hit him up in Europe and they ended up kickin' it together. While some of Wiz' fans had issues with the Pittsburgh rapper linking up with 6ix9ine, Wiz explained why he defended the polarizing rapper from the negative comments on his Instagram.

"Anybody that comes to my page, I don't let 'em talk negatively." He said, "It's my job to make sure people say the right things on my page, especially when I post."

Wiz was then asked why he thinks 6ix9ine gets as much hate as he does. He dodged any talks of 6ix9ine's case or any of his other controversies and dropped some positive gems instead.

"I think people just write negative comments in general just to get attention." He said, "It's like a general thing. You use your platform to kind of guide people in the right direction so you don't necessarily feed into it but you just show them the right way."

In addition to speaking on 6ix9ine, Wiz also discusses his new album, Rolling Papers 2, acting and of course, weed.