Wiz Khalifa may be used to the smoke, but is he used to the fire? After all, they don't call rampant hot sauce abuse "the rim reaper" for nothing. While that is perhaps a lesson he'll come to soon learn, in the mean time, fans can watch the Rolling Paper 2 struggle his way through the always-enjoyable "Hot Ones" challenge. Coming off the drop of his leviathan-sized Rolling Papers 2, it's clear that Wiz is intent on getting the bang for his promotional buck. Remember, there's a strong chance he's high as hell, so you already know those taste buds are highly susceptible to the slightest phenomena. 

Over the course of the twenty-three minute dining session, Wiz dishes on a variety of topics, including his four-hundred tattoos, the Snoop Dogg assited "Weed Olympics," Rolling Papers 2, and much more. While host Sean Evans remains one of the game's most well-rounded interviewers, let's be honest. The bulk of the appeal comes from watching guests struggle, as they question every minute decision that ultimately led them to this moment. It's glorious to be hold, and Wiz handles it with decorum, for the most part. At 18:40, however, the man can't help but break character, uttering a desperate cry of "Oh Shit!" 

"That's what you give somebody when you want them to snitch," reflects Wiz, upon allowing his buds to settle. Perhaps he's on to something. Peep  the full video below.