Wiz Khalifa is currently working on a new album, Blacc Hollywood. He's already revealed some of the artists he's working with on the album, including The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus and Adele, while he's released just one (possible) album cut, "Look Into My Eyes." Although the updates on the album have been a little slow lately, we got to speak to Wiz about the whole concept of 'Blacc Hollywood.'

On the set of DJ Skee's SKEE Live show, Wiz (and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) spoke to our host Jen DeLeon about what Blacc Hollywood is. According to Wiz, "Blacc Hollywood are people who aren't supposed to be in Hollywood, who in turn are taking over Hollywood and kicking the ass of those who don't like it!"

Wiz says that Blacc Hollywood is all about: "Gettin trashed, waking up, being happy about gettin' trashed, and having some professional shit to do in the morning, and doing that equally awesome."

Check out the brief interview below. Are you guys excited for Blacc Hollywood? Who do you hope is on it?