Wiz Khalifa and Winnie Harlow are undoubtedly one cute ass couple and all of their public appearances and loved-up Instagram posts prove it to us every time. The model and rapper have been dating for a few months now and their PDA posts have moved off their respective Instagram accounts to Taylor Gang's IG account, explaining how "Everything His and Hers."

Wiz's label's Instagram feed is usually filled with posts about the signed artists and the music happenings but Winnie made a rare appearance and the 54K likes prove that people are here for it.  

"I met Winnie on several different occasions. I think she’s a fucking sweetheart and you know, I love my ex-husband in a way where … it’s you know, he’s my best friend,” Wiz's baby mother, Amber Rose, said of the model. "I think a lot of women, they’re always worried about what their kid’s father is doing with another girl when they need to worry about, ‘Is the girl nice? Is she good to your child?’ Cause that’s the most important thing and I think Winnie is such a sweetheart.”