Simply put, TM88 and Wiz have a good understanding. So when Wiz Khalifa retweeted TM88's signal of intent, the internet felt certain sense of ease knowing the two artists were headed in the right direction.

TM88 was first to post a tweet claiming that he'd "Been working on a lot new music with @wizkhalifa," at 9:23am. Several minutes later in coordinated flight, Wiz retweeted TM88's post with assortment of emojis, which when decoded make out the title of his upcoming project Rolling Papers 2. We can thus happily conclude that TM88 is going to feature prominently on the album.

The pair have worked together sporadically in the past, but most recently released TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening in 2016, with the honourable Juicy J. Wiz had previously claimed that Rolling Papers 2 was completed but the rapper must have found a reason to fuss with the disk sitting on his desk. Good things take time to draw up. Hopefully our patience will be rewarded, as Wiz tends to do his best work in the pastiche of weed and rolling papers.