Don't let the perpetual grin and canned laughter fool you. Jimmy Fallon is down for the culture. Any man who can boast having The Roots as an in-house band gains a few points in that regard. As such, Jimmy has made sure to stock his lineup with a cavalcade of hip-hop talent, and his latest guests include the duo of Wiz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd, who previously united on Rolling Papers 2 collaboration "Hopeless Romantic." Though Wiz tends to make a habit of trying to steal people's girls willy-nilly, it's good to know that he can at least tap into his inner Casanova.

Delivering a subdued, yet refreshingly backing-track free performance, Wiz and Swae hold it down in disparate ensembles of blue and red, respectively. In fact, Swae looks to be channeling his inner RCMP officer, while Wiz opts for his signature open vested look, showcasing the fruits of his dedication to that mixed martial arts lifestyle.

Admittedly, performances on Jimmy Fallon are seldom the livest, and this is no exception. Still, it's always welcome for late night viewers to get a taste of what's popping in hip-hop. Be sure to check out Wiz Khalifa's latest album Rolling Papers 2, and Swae Lee's turn on Sr3mm.