Wiz Khalifa and Rubi Rose have something cooking up, teasing their new collaboration for weeks with pictures of them in the studio and now, teaser shots from their ultra-close music video shoot.

Almost as if they want to world to start theorizing about the extent of their friendship, Wiz and Rubi have been hammering away hints of their collaborative work for a while and, just a few moments ago, the Pittsburgh native gave us all a sneak peek into what we can expect. Apparently, he got more than comfortable with the rising rapper.

Posting a series of pictures on Instagram, one would believe that Wiz was debuting his new girlfriend to his 31+ million followers. While they haven't confirmed whether they're a couple or not, leaving the mystery up for the audience to decide, they're definitely pretty relaxed around one another. 

In the first image, Wiz has his arm around Rubi's waist as they appear to be lip-syncing to their unreleased song. The second still is raunchier with Rubi bent over while Wiz enjoys the view. Then, in the third, it looks like they're getting close to kissing as Rubi plays with her tongue with Wiz looking longingly into her eyes.

Much like Joyner Lucas and Ashanti did a few weeks back, the release of this music video might just convince their fans that they're dating.

Do you think there are sparks between Wiz and Rubi Rose?