If you follow Wiz Khalifa on Instagram, then you probably seen the T.G.O.D rapper sharing a ton of pictures of him in the studio working on new music lately. In fact, just a couple weeks ago Wiz informed fans that he’s been “writing some amazing songs lately,” but he didn’t give us any insight of when we’ll get to hear them. So while we continue to wait for further developments on his upcoming Rolling Papers 2Khalifa Kush project, Wiz decided to hit up the studio the other night and presumably record a new song with Bone Thugs N Harmony rapper Krayzie Bone.

Both rappers took to their Instagram pages last night to share a photo with one another, with Wiz captioning his photo “Still be wit the greats.” Meanwhile Krayzie Bone shared another photo of the two in the studio, captioning a bunch of “fire” & “music note” emojis, alluding to new heat was on the way from the two rappers.

It’s unclear if the upcoming collab will see life on Wiz’s forthcoming Khalifa Kush album or not, but it’s safe to assume it’s happening. After all, Wiz has always been a huge fan of the Bone Thugs N Harmony, even getting a tattoo of the legendary group on his left thigh back in 2014 (see here).

Just a couple days ago, Wiz captioned one of his IG posts with “be dammed if i disappear,” as he stood in the booth recording on a mic. So hopefully he was trying to hint that we’re closer to getting more new music than we know, but only time will tell.

Check out Wiz & Krayzie Bone’s posts (below) and keep your eyes peeled for updates on the possible collab and/or Wiz’s album moving forward.