One of the best features about Instagram Live is that artists often broadcast their conversations with other musicians to all of their fans. You never know who will pop up when you get a notification that someone is going live. Recently, Wiz Khalifa recorded himself on the social platform and Erykah Badu decided to join in on the action. What would ensue was a pretty cool moment to watch as they literally just chopped it up for a few minutes. There's nothing too special going on but for some reason, the conversation is pretty heartwarming.

Wiz welcomes Badu to the live stream with an enthusiastic "wassup gangster!" The two have huge smiles on their faces as they speak, clearly excited to be taking some time to chat about nothing. The topic of boxing comes up after Wiz notes that he's about to get stoned and head to the gym. Wiz noticed that Badu has a heavy bag in her studio, prompting them to have a quick conversation about something they can bond over. Finally, they close out by saying they need to work together in the new year with Wiz promising to send over a few demos to see if she's feeling anything in particular. Hopefully, the collaboration actually comes to life.

Although there's not much going on in the conversation, it'll bring a smile to your face.