It's no secret that Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y like their kush. It's easily their favorite topic to address on record, and now they've even gone as far as to drop their new collaborative project, Live In Concertnot-so-accidentally on 4/20. While many fans have already planned to soundtrack their smoked-out Saturday with 6 brand new tracks from the stoned duo, when they hung out with HNHH, the rappers expressed that you won't even need illegal substances to elevate your state of mind while listening to the record.

Wiz put forward that the EP is so crazy, you may get a buzz just listening to it. "Somebody heard it, and they forgot what fuckin' day it was" he said of the trippy powers of the new project. "When they were listening to it, they just forgot what day it was, that's what the music did." When asked by the beautiful Ashlee Ray, if the album could actually get you high, the Pittsburgh rapper replied with "Oh yeah!"

The exact time in which the project will see release is still up in the air. Curren$y stressed that he couldn't make any confirmations, "I'm not sure what time." he said, indicating playfully that their stoner behaviour may be responsible for a delay. "Maybe midnight, but we may be late, 'cause we might be high."

The rappers (who had already smoked a considerable amount) jokingly dismissed the project as "the same terrible trash that we been making," defining their sound as "stoner trash."

If you're as big a fan of the "stoner trash" these guys put out as we are, make sure to check out Live In Concert tomorrow.

Check out footage of our hangout with Spitta and Wiz below.