Wiz Khalifa has been talking about his impending fatherhood, and self-delivery of his baby with girlfriend Amber Rose for quite some time now. While Amber was expected to give birth February 24th, the baby appears to already be taking after his father and has come early. The Pittsburgh rapper tweeted a photo of himself in a medical mask, followed by the announcement of the birth two hours later. Wiz also gave us the name of his son, whose middle name appears to be a reference to his crew. The boy will be known as Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz.

View Wiz's tweets below.

[Update: Wiz Has Son's Nickname Tattooed On His Forehead]

After announcing to the world the birth of his son, some had wondered why Wiz Khalifa had already given his baby a moniker Sebastian “The Bash.”  Turns out, Wiz had known what he was going to name his child for awhile and previously had “The Bash” tattooed on his forehead.

In a previous interview with the Breakfast Club, before the birth of his son, TGOD was asked about that tatt and he replied “People will understand that later.  I don’t always explain everything.”