Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are always showing us how to maintain a healthy family dynamic post-divorce. It's a rare feat to accomplish, but they have mastered it. On several occasions, we have seen that Wiz is totally fine kicking it with Alexander "AE" Edwards, Amber's new boo. Amber and AE welcomed their first child back in October - a son wickedly named Slash Electric. In new photos from Wiz and Amber's son Sebastian's 7th birthday party on Sunday (Feb. 16), all members of this extended family are seen having a lovely time. 

I suppose there's one exception to that statement. In the first pic of the IG gallery Amber shared, Slash is seen crying in his mama's arms, but that doesn't detract from the cuteness of the family portrait. At first, you may be confused as to why Amber appears to have blood dripping from her nose. Once you swipe through the shots, you'll surmise that Bash's bash was horror-themed, as evidenced by the terrifying Pennywise cake.

Therefore, there's no need to worry that the red line on Amber's face is another tattoo. She received some criticism last week for getting her son's names permanently printed across her forehead. Even though Amber brushed off any haters, seeing her, Wiz and AE all pictured together with their face tats proves that they're just cool-ass parents.