Wiz Khalifa Adds "Where Iz Da Bud" To His Video Repertoire

Devin Ch
August 24, 2018 11:57

Wiz Khalifa fires up a music video for the TM88-produced "Where Iz Da Bud."

Wiz Khalifa can't be stopped, especially with all the weight he's added to his frame. "Where Iz Da Bud" is at very least Wiz in a resoundingly spiritual place. When you look back on the Pittsburgh rappers career, the one defining quality he's been able to extol on some level is his propogation of cannabis culture. It can't be argued that Wiz has indeed contributed to the normalization of weed culture, leading to many governmental changes. Unfortunately some lobbyists are quicker to fold than others.

His "Where Iz Da Bud" video blesses us with concert footage, and a behind the scenes look at his recording process. You guessed it, Wiz fires up the weed goblet before commencing the session. The music video portrays Wiz as the living embodiment of a highly functional stoner, as he partakes in countless group activities demanding close attention, like picking out the corner pocket on a billiards table.

See for yourself.

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