More lawsuit troubles for another rapper, this time Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa. According to AllHipHop Wiz Khalifa is charged with a $2 million dollar lawsuit, having been accused of stealing the hit "Black & Yellow."

A Pennsylvania man, Max Gregory Warren, is claiming that Khalifa stole the concept for "Black & Yellow." He filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania on December 30th, 2011.

Warren claims that he wrote a song called "Pink N Yellow" in February 2008 and he wanted to publish or license it. According to Warren, before he was able to do so, Wiz,  the producer Stargate, as well as Rostrum Records stole the concept and released "Black & Yellow."

The lawsuit claims that Wiz heard "Pink N Yellow" and then "engaged in a scheme to defraud plaintiff out of the fruits of his copyright of the Subject song.”

Warren is suing Khalifa for fraud and deceit, copyright infringement, civil conspiracy and unjust enrichment, and he is asking for $2,375,000 in punitive and actual damages.