The Wisconsin Badgers arrived in New York City earlier this week for their Sweet 16 matchup against the Florida Gators, which will take place tonight around 10pm at Madison Square Garden.

The team is undoubtedly happy to be in NYC with a chance to advance to the Elite 8 and beyond, but the Badgers' star forward Nigel Hayes can't wait to get out of the Big Apple. 

After yesterday's practice at MSG, Hayes was asked how he'd be spending his free time in the city. His response, 

“I don’t really like New York.”

“It’s too big, it’s dirty, trash everywhere, too many people. It’s cold right now.”

“I guess it’s nice to look at in the movies,” Hayes said. “But I’ve had my fair share. I’m just trying to come here and win some basketball games."

Well, he's not wrong. It is dirty, there are people and trash everywhere, and it's definitely cold. Although, the Ohio native shouldn't really be fazed by the climate.

Or maybe he's just doing his best to deter the Knicks from ever selecting him in the draft.