Winnie Harlow first came to our attention with her appearance in Beyonce's Lemonade visualizer. The model turned activist has recently gained even more exposure through her association with Wiz Khalifa. The pair have done everything by the book except give outright confirmation of their suspected romantic arrangement.

The latest quip she's had to cope with revolves around a descriptive yet false account of cosmetics she wasn't wearing. Harlow has in the past coped with ignorant remarks surrounding her Vitiligo skin condition, so as you'd expect: the notion of makeup application hits close to home. Harlow has been a proud ambassador for the millions that suffer the same consequences, simply by emphasizing her "skin" and working as a model.

Winnie decided to tread lightly over the mistake posed by The Daily Mail. If anything, The Daily Mail is made to look foolish (of the two). The whimsical run the writer went on before getting caught spoke less about beauty standards and more about the state of journalism in 2018.

The tagline read: "She highlighted her natural beauty with a palette of makeup that included a simple smoky eye and nude lip," a line of exposition so far removed from the truth. Harlow claimed the error as a compliment, because as it stands, she has bigger fish to fry.