We just saw brief snippets of Winnie Harlow vibing out at Teyana Taylor's listening party for THE ALBUM, having a good time at the intimate get-together. However, this morning the acclaimed model was confronted with accusations of being a "mean girl" by a woman who said she had a recent, less-than-favorable, run-in with Winnie while out on the town.

Winnie Harlow, Mean Girl, Rude
John Lamparski / Stringer / Getty Images

"Had the wildest encounter with @WinneHarlow... crazy how someone so pretty could be so ugly--as a human being. God bless her," the woman tweeted. Winnie Harlow replied, ":s what happened?" The woman said, "Oh you know... pushing me out the way as you bulldozed your way to the front of a drink line. Having your manager call our mutual friend to ask me to take the tweet down. Typical mean girl BS. Be blessed."

Winnie did apologize for the incident, although she didn't take responsibility for some of the accusations mentioned. "My love we were all tipsy, if I passed you to the bar it wasn't on purpose, it was an open bar," the model stated. "And I've just woken up to this I didn't have anyone do anything. I apologize if I've made you feel a way that definitely not my intent  xx." Check it out below.