For most people adjusting to the quarantine lifestyle, the question of how to pass the time has become increasingly existential. To spend that time productively or not is the daily question and it appears Willow Smith has opted for the former choice.

Willow shut down social media Thursday evening when she shared a picture from her home gym, showing off her stunningly toned abs. 

While most of us have spent 2020 in an endless cycle of binge watching and hibernating, Willow took the opposite route and doubled down on her fitness routine with shredded results. She's been spotted working out alongside her mother and fellow fitness enthusiast Jada Pinkett Smith, who boasts an equally impressive toned physique. It looks like sculpted abs run in the family, as Jada's mom and Willow's grandma Adrienne Norris has also been seen flexing her six pack abs on Instagram. 

Fresh off the purchase of a $3.1 million oceanfront home in Malibu, it looks like 2020 has been good to Willow. With a new home, a peak physique, and plenty of downtime to write and record, it's safe to say we can look forward to the vibes she will be bringing to her follow up to 2019's Willow and this year's collaborative project The Anxiety. We love to see artists living their best lives and getting their spirit and energy right.