We know that Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith probably call each other friends but now it seems like Kendall and Willow Smith are now work friends. Kendall, Willow along with Yang Mi and Jean Campbell are the new faces of Stuart Weitzman's 2019 Spring campaign. The popular shoe brand has debuted the first campaign that sees all four models posted in a nude setting with the famous heels strapped tight. 

The campaign is going back to its original ethos by “creating designs that meld fashion, function and fit, and shoes that make a woman feel beautiful on her own terms.”

Willow has been laying pretty low lately, only hosting Facebook's Red Table Talk with her mom so it's nice to see her making her own moves.

"Growing up and trying to figure out your life while people feel like they have some sort of entitlement to know what’s going on, is absolutely, excruciatingly terrible," Willow previously told Girlgaze. 

"The only way to get over it, is to go into it. You can’t change your face. You can’t change your parents. When you’re born into it, there are two choices that you have; I’m either going to try to go into it completely and help from the inside, or… no one is going to know where I am… and I’m really going to take myself completely out of the eye of society. There’s really no in-between."