Will Smith has made a name for himself in the crazy world of Hollywood by continuing to pursue a lighthearted and comedic public persona. Thus, it came as no surprise when the former rapper spoofed his son Jaden's "ICON" music video earlier this month, comedically recreating the introduction to the visual in a deadpan manner. In the clip posted to the star's newly-minted Instagram account, the patriarch can be seen flashing his grills with a dazed look on his face, while flashing his lean legs in a pair of short shorts.

Willow and Jaden Smith were captured by paparazzi last night separately leaving a movie theatre and were asked by the inquisitive cameraman what they think of their father's rendition of the young rapper's musical endeavour. 

Jaden was seen exiting the multiplex with his girlfriend Odessa Adlon, who were joking with the paparazzo that cowboys indeed cry (a reference to the short film Can Cowboys Cry, which stars the Syre rapper.) However, the eldest of the Smith children does admit that his father did the video justice by remaking it, remarking how "he did it better."

Willow was similarly asked about her opinions on the now-viral clip, revealing that Will's rendition was "exactly like it." Smith also dodged a question as to whether or not Instagram has lost its allure now that her father has joined in on the craze, admitting that "social media is tricky in all ways."