Tonight will be the night we found out if Donald Trump will be re-elected as the president of the United States. Over the past few weeks, he's ramped up his efforts to beat Joe Biden, though it's no surprise that plenty of people are against the idea of Trump leading America for another four years. recently sat down with the hosts of Good Morning Britain where he explained the realistic fears of Trump getting re-elected, specifically due to the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The Black Eyed Peas frontman described the past nine months as "horrific." When asked how Trump remains as popular as he is despite the discomfort he brings to people, said, "That's with any abusive relationship."

"There's people that stick with their spouses and go through abuse because they don’t know how to leave," he said. "That doesn’t mean that they’re happy, they just don’t have the strength or the courage to get out and change and switch it up and have faith in something else. That’s all they know.”

He continued to reflect on the effects of Trump's America, and how it shifted not only the U.S. but the global perception of the country.

"For the past four years, people have settled and just [taken] the embarrassment and ridiculous antics of how he behaves and how he divides and how he steers hate," he said. "Another four years of that would be detrimental for the course of America. We’re in 2020 now, by 2024 the world is totally different.” is among the many artists who've endorsed Joe Biden. 2 Chainz, Offset, and Freeway are among the rappers that have recently endorsed.