Travis Scott may be taking a break from music sooner rather than later.

Show Studio's In Camera series welcomed Scott for an interview that promised to be more revealing than most. Previous guests have included Kanye West and Lady Gaga, with the subject matter of the questions more wide-ranging than one might be accustomed to. Scott's upcoming project, Astroworld, another, separate collaboration with Quavo and his massive tour were among the starting points to some interesting revelations. For one, he's thinking of quitting music to study architecture.

"Me and my friend Dozie are supposed to go to Harvard, go to architecture school at Harvard," Scott said. "I think after my third album, I'm going to do it after my third album." The brief break wasn't the only surprise that came from the Houston rapper during the conversation - apparently, he thinks people are only "real" at night. "[...] Daytime everything is fake. No one is ever real in the day time," he said. "I don't live in the daytime, I just came out for y'all."

Check out the full interview below.