Will Smith and Michael Jackson had only met each other once, but that chance encounter has left a lasting impression on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor. Taking to his YouTube channel, Smith reminisces about the time he one of his idols were given a chance to engage in a conversation with one another. 

The two were both in attendance at a BET Awards ceremony, and Smith was just about to approach his beloved hero from across the room, when chaos erupted backstage in relation to Suge Knight. The actor was eventually shoved into a dark closet to avoid being hurt in the kerfuffle, when all of a sudden he heard a faint "hey" coming from behind. 

Turns out, Jackson was also avoiding the madness backstage in the same closet. The two entertainers then began to discuss comic books, even though Smith was not a fan of Captain America et al. 

Smith offers a particularly spot-on impersonation of the "Thriller" singer, which helps illuminate his recollections while also highlighting the actor's comedic chops. Peep the video below: