Will Smith linked up with Bad Bunny and Marc Anthony for a joint track entitled "Esta Rico." This was a defining moment for Smith as his first legit single in over a decade. Will has shared parts of his experience with his social media following today. The production was clearly taken to heart.

According to the jokester, Bad Bunny provided him with content for a spiritual experience. He claims the rising Latino star gifted him with a new mantra. Although the phrase "Esta Rico" might be a more obvious choice considering its meaning, Will Smith was swayed by Bad Bunny's adlib, which is essentially the artist's name. Smith uploaded a video montage of himself paying tribute to the Bad Bunny line, repeating it over and over again in different settings during the production of their music video.

The montage ends with Smith sitting cross-legged on the beach. The mantra plays in a melodic voice as his eyes are closed for meditation. The whole thing was obviously meant it in jest, but perhaps Will is also speaking to how the music we listen to does affects our subconscious minds. He is skilled at bringing meaningful reflections from comedic clips. Well-played, Will. Well-played.