They say actors are inherently prone to insanity. Having to embody somebody else on a recurring basis may very well yield to recurring damage. Yet that is the price we pay for their talents. Perhaps that is why Will Smith has taken to Instagram to embrace his inner auteur. Perhaps it's for the best. His dad-like charm and surprisingly deft grasp on technology have led to some notable moments of genuine creativity. After all, Will Smith is a comedic legend. Let the man dive into the new territory. Evidently, Smith has experienced cabin fever of late. Cooped up in a small hotel room in Cartegena, Columbia, Smith took it upon himself to chronicle his slow and frustrating descent into madness.

"Movie making is so slow," he growls. "IG is so fast. I just. Wanna go. FAST." He begin to lose control of his faculties, exercising one minute, cowering the next. "They got me this holding room. Where I sit for hours and hours. I wait and wait and wait. The Rock and Kevin Hart have made three movies each since I've been sitting in this room! I am an actor! Let me act!!!!!"

And act he shall. The film in question, Gemini Man, is set for a 2019 release. Hopefully Smith has managed to pull it together. The game needs him. Check out his latest handiwork below, especially if you're in need of a dry chuckle.