This year, Will Smith's acting schedule has kept busy as he's been steady preparing various projects that include his role in Disney's Aladdin reboot as the Genie originally portrayed by the late Robin Williams and his forthcoming Bright film on Netflix.

It was while at a press conference for the latter that Smith doled out some fresh information on his rumored reunion with DJ Jazzy Jeff as he revealed that he and his musical partner in crime have been hard at work in the studio, preparing to step back into the ring as a duo some time next year.

"I’ve been sniffing around it,” Big Willie told HipHopDX about the possibility.. “I’ve been getting hyped about it. It [has] been a minute. I’ve been full in the actor’s mind so me and Jeff start going out a little bit in the last six-to-eight months [and] we’ve been doing something. I just gotta find that lane; find that way back in. It’s a part of my heart. I love it. I make records all the time. I got a ton of stuff that I make at the house. It’s just not stuff that I’m hyped about to be able to feel comfortable letting it into the world. I’m trying to find that inspiration, that thing that sparks me to get back [to music].”

The pair teased their getting back together back in October when they unleashed their "Get Lit" track on the masses. Hopefully, next year marks the arrival of a more substantial catalog of new offerings.