Carpool Karaoke has now officially hit the road as its own series, available on Apple Music.

The wildly popular segment from James Corden's The Late Late Show, whose clips on YouTube have collectively earned hundreds of millions of streams, is the basis for its very own standalone series that shares some similarities as well as some differences from its original late night TV counterpart. Corden, while holding onto a producer credit, only hosts the first episode of this season, alongside guest Will Smith. After that, a rotating cast of hosts and personalities that includes Alicia Keys, John Legend, Billy Eichner, Metallica and various members of the Cyrus clan will get behind the wheel and sing along to some of their favorite tunes.

In the premiere episode, Smith joins Corden to jam to some of his old-school rap songs like "Getting Jiggy With It" and "Boom! Shake The Room," while also delving into some fun Q&A-style banter. At one point, Corden asks Smith is anyone has ever talked to him about playing Barack Obama in a future film. The answer: apparently Obama himself has broached the subject with the Oscar-nominated actor and feels confident that Smith has the right-sized ears for the role.

You can watch a clip of the Smith episode below, plus enjoy some teaser footage from future episodes in the series.