Jaden Smith launched his flavored water company with big aspirations. He expressed his desire to become the "Elon Musk of bottled water" when he created "JUST Water." The young entrepreneur recently reached a milestone on his path to extraordinary success as his products hit more shelves across the United States.

While his water was already available online and in chains like Whole Foods, the product got picked up by retail giant Target for a selection of their locations. In celebration of this aspect of his venture, Jaden made a surprise trip to the shop to place his stock on the shelves. He brought his father Will Smith along for the ride. 

The banter they exchange during their outing is endearing as they poke fun at each other. Most of the jabs came from Will: "You're doing a lot of talking son, I need to see you work."

Will also convinced his grown-*ss son to hop atop his shoulders. Jaden was understandably shaky about the whole ordeal but went along with it. Then, he second-guessed himself as they approached an escalator. After they made it through, Smith Sr. mocks the fright. 

"This is what love is supposed to look like, I need you to commit."