Will Smith has reportedly turned in his financial records to legal authorities as part of a lawsuit brought against Duane Martin. Smith was hit with a subpoena that also required him to hand in the personal email interactions he's had with Martin. As previously reported, a fraud lawsuit was launched against Martin to revoke the discharge of debt granted to him in his bankruptcy case. It also aims to get the actor to hand in the money he is accused of concealing. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the trustee overseeing Martin's bankruptcy filed an amended lawsuit stating Smith's aforementioned cooperation with the proceedings. Smith's documentation was requested in relation to a $1.4 million loan he granted Martin in 2018. The funds were originally meant for the purchase of a home and are now an official part of the fraud case. The trustee claims the emails display the ways in which Martin “continued to put pressure on his friend WS to finance the transaction” when he was asking his peer for the loan in 2012.

The lawsuit is only aimed toward Martin. Will Smith is not being accused of any wrongdoing. His cooperation is solely being leveraged to build a case against his friend for his alleged fraudulent dealings.