Yesterday, we received confirmation that Bad Boys 3 was actually being made. It's been over a decade since the second instalment arrived but the duo of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are meeting up again to film the highly-anticipated film sometime soon. The two actors linked up on Instagram yesterday as Lawrence pulled an "it's official" out of his hat, shocking the world and getting us all excited for what's to come. Of course, Will Smith had to get in on the action on his own page, absolutely losing his cool over the news.

"It’s been a LOOOONG time Coming. But now it’s Here!" wrote the entertainer. He filmed himself flipping out with a huge grin on his face, warning the fans that what's coming is worth the wait. "It's official," yelled the Fresh Prince repeatedly while alternating shots of himself and his co-star. Will Smith's schedule has been jam-packed as of late as it seems like he's always involved in one high-profile project or another. The announcement is huge and our reaction was just as strong as Will's. It's been so long since the last Bad Boys movie and it's going to be a wild ride until it's finally out.

Are you excited about the news or could you do without another sequel?