Even the most ardent cynic might crack a smile over this one. For those who say romance is dead, look no further than Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who have withstood the test of time. Together, they have emerged as one of hip-hop's essential couples, the benchmarks for romantics across the board. Today, Will has taken to the Gram to profess his love on a public forum, essentially the modern-day equivalent to the beneath-the-windowsill monologue, or the overhead boombox classic.

"I just realized," writes Will, alongside a picture of himself and his beloved. "This year we’ve been together more than half our Lives!" Seeing as Will Smith is soon turning fifty, it's safe to say that the Pinkett-Smiths have enjoyed well over two decades of companionship. For anyone looking to hate, you might have to reach deep into the darkest caverns of your hearts. For now, celebrate one of hip-hop's iconic couples, and may the Smith family continue to enjoy life to the fullest.

Peep the picture below, and consider doing a romantic gesture for somebody you care about today.