It's not every day that we get to hear Will Smith get in his rap bag. We all know that the 51-year-old actor can spit but, at this stage in his career, he's just laying low and reaping in the benefits of being a literal living legend. 

The Fresh Prince was so excited to hear Joyner Lucas rap about him on "Will" from his new album ADHD that the two seemingly hooked up secretly to work on a remix. The re-mastered version of the track has officially been released and people are very satisfied with the end result.

It had been reported that Joyner Lucas and Will Smith had met up sometime last month for a meeting of the minds. During their conversation, they must have made a pit-stop in the studio because the new remix of "Will" is here and it's fire.

Fans of the actor and his rapper collaborator are instantly pleased with how this turned out.

"Will Smith’s performance on this Joyner Lucas remix is [fire]," wrote one fan. "Breath control, cadence, flow are all A1."

To be completely honest, Will Smith went harder than a number of new-generation rappers, proving that a middle-aged man can still destroy some of these young cats if it comes down to that.

Check out the new remix of Joyner Lucas' "Will," featuring Will Smith, below.