Will Smith has really taken a liking to Instagram, as the superstar actor slash rapper has seemingly been willing to share every moment of his exciting Hollywood life; from his time salsa dancing with salsa legend Mark Anthony on a boat in Miami, to his dating misadventures with Sophia, a robotic A.I. in the body of a human woman. But on Easter Sunday, Will took the spirit of the holiday to heart, and decided to share something a little more personal.

For someone as famous as Will, it wouldn't be surprising if he had gone off to some sort of star-studded extravagant Holiday event last weekend, but Will opted instead to take a sweet picture, just him and his mom.

Will has clearly forgiven his mother for sending him from West Philadelphia to Bel Air all those years ago, and the two of them are posed here with huge smiles. Will's Instagram followers appeared to be feeling the love as well, as the replies to the photo are completely filled with positivity and wishes for a happy Easter. 

While Easter is, traditionally, a time to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, for many it's also a time to re-unite with family and reflect on the good things in your life. Even for someone as rich and famous as Will, it's very sweet to see that he still manages to take the time to relax with those who are closest to him. Hopefully you guys also had a similar experience last Easter Sunday.