Will Smith somehow became one of the best accounts to follow on social media in the past year. Face swapping has become a popular and hilarious function on social media, but Smith somehow found a way to mold faces together. The method creates an off-putting combination of two people, accentuating their prominent features to hilarious effect. Smith took to Instagram to wish fellow movie star Halle Berry a happy birthday yesterday, and the rapper turned actor posted a picture that will haunt your dreams. "Happy Bday, @HalleBerry. I was googling for pictures of us together and this is all I could come up with," wrote Smith. For the record, there are several photos of them together floating around the internet. 

Berry, who turned 52 on August 14, responded to Smith with a disturbing face molding of her own. "My darling @willsmith - I cannot thank you enough for your lovely birthday wish - may our features forever be this compatible - and may we ONLY use these photos instead of any actual photos together from now on. Xx 👏🏾♥️ #WilleSmerry," she wrote in her post. Berry celebrated her birthday by having a low key lunch at Yardbird in West Hollywood.