Will Ferrell's been a leading voice in comedy over the past two decades. While he's taken on numerous iconic roles, Ron Burgundy is one of his biggest roles to date. We're in an era where podcasts are pretty much taking over the airwaves and everyone from rappers to actors have one. Back in December, iHeartMedia announced that Will Ferrell would be reprising his role as Ron Burgundy for an upcoming podcast and today, they unveil the first trailer.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ron Burgundy will be hitting the iHeartMedia platform for his upcoming podcast and the streaming platform revealed the first look. The new trailer for The Ron Burgundy Podcast finds the anchorman asking the "hard questions." Throughout the trailer, Burgundy asks an abundance of random questions about climate change, Lars von Trier and more only to find out that these "hard questions" are directed towards a person dressed up in a chicken costume. 

Anchorman was already a cult classic which prompted the release of its sequel in 2013. While many are slightly confused about Burgundy's foray into the podcast world, this is a solid attempt to keep the legacy of Ferrell's most iconic character alive. 

"The Ron Burgundy" podcast is a joint effort presented by iHeartMedia and Funny Or Die. The podcast's launch will arrive on Feb. 7th with new episodes to follow every Thursday.